altMeasures to be taken on an existing building. According to the survey defining the need.
- After defining the ideal level for the detachment of the elevations in relation to the foundations, and laying out the area above the latter, thus allowing to keep the building mass clear.
- Creation of through boxes whose dimensions are defined by the congestion of the process.
- Setup of the Sismoplaques.
- Wedging with injectable bags.
- Horizontal sawing between each box.
- Repair by injecting flexible resin or a expansion joint foil.

Setting-up principle for a new building.

On low-rise construction with flowing groundwork:
- The setting-up of SISMOPLAQUE is to be done at the same level and time as the sealing membrane.

On an apron:
- Build ideally with a first horizontal levelled apron
- Place the Sismoplaques in sealing plates according to the thickness of the process.
- For the second slab and apply the usual treatment after stiffening.